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3 Steps to Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Zero trust ad of a dog sneakily eating croissants left on the table while the owner is unaware.

Cyberattacks have become rampant and have also grown in sophistication. A simple lapse in your network security could lead to a chain of events that could prove catastrophic for your business. You can avoid this by implementing a robust cybersecurity framework such as zero trust.  Zero trust asserts that no user or application should be […]

7 Ways to Ensure Compliance with a CMMC Consultant

CMMC consultant talking to a client about compliance

When CMMC 2.0 was announced in November 2021, some companies scrambled to ensure they were compliant with the new regulations. For some, they may not have known what it meant and how it could apply to them.  CMMC stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification; it’s a certification program created by the Department of Defense (DoD) […]

What Does a NIST Compliance Audit Look Like? Is Your Business Prepared?

NIST compliance auditor conducting an audit

Data breaches have become increasingly common and they’re not something to take lightly. With cybercriminals developing sophisticated tactics, compliance regulations like NIST have become essential for businesses to protect themselves from these threats. And if NIST compliance is new to you, you should know that it’s a set of standards created by the National Institute […]

Is Your Business Compliant? The Ultimate HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Checking items off a HIPAA compliance checklist

When it comes to protecting patient information, HIPAA compliance is non-negotiable. A single breach in your business’s systems can lead to lasting consequences including loss of reputation. Staying compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can quite literally save your business in the event of an all too probable data breach. But […]

6 Ways Cloud Services for Small Businesses Improves Your Communication and Collaboration

woman working at office using cloud services for small businesses

Cloud technology is revolutionizing how small businesses can stay competitive in the modern marketplace. With 75% of SMBs reporting they could not continue operating if they were hit with ransomware, it’s no wonder reliable cybersecurity has become more than a suggestion. However, security is often brushed aside. Fortunately, the cloud can provide security and a […]

Is Your Technology Driving You Insane? Get the Help You Need with Small Business Computer Support

man working at desk for small business computer support company

As a result of the pandemic, work from home rose from 4.7% to 61% and technology use increased. Even after the pandemic, many employees still prefer to work from home, and businesses changed the way they interacted with technology.  Technology is the key to providing your business with the tools it needs to thrive and […]

It’s Time to Update Your IT Approach: Reactive vs Proactive IT

female coworkers working on computers for proactive IT company

Imagine you’re the head of a large business, and your systems have just been hit with a data breach. You now have to scramble to respond: patch up holes, identify the source of the breach, secure data, and deal with the potential fallout from customers whose data may be compromised. Reactive vs proactive IT: which […]

It’s Time to Bust These 4 Ransomware Myths

#1 ransomware target

In today’s digital age, ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly frequent, sophisticated and costly. With cybercriminals constantly evolving their tactics and targeting businesses of all sizes, organizations like yours must proactively safeguard your data and systems. Unfortunately, many companies fall prey to common ransomware myths, which can leave them vulnerable to attacks and unprepared to respond […]