What Is IT Support for Small Businesses?

Employees from a small business collaborating on a project

When running a successful small business, having access to reliable and quality IT support is just the start. However, small business owners will often attempt to manage IT on their own while only 37% will outsource IT. Without the proper support and expertise, businesses can become overwhelmed and leave their systems vulnerable to cyber attacks and downtime. 

Fortunately with managed IT services, businesses can outsource their IT needs and focus on their business. Here’s why your business needs IT support.

What Is IT Support?

There are simply some aspects of IT that are far too complicated to handle alone. In those cases, IT support is invaluable and can assist businesses with the following:

  • Network installation and maintenance
  • Security measures & system backups
  • Software updates & bug fixes
  • Regular system monitoring
  • Technical troubleshooting

In short, IT support helps make sure your business’s technology is running as it should be every day. With the right IT support team, you can rest assured knowing that all of your technology needs are being taken care of.

In-House vs Outsourced IT Support

Hiring in-house is exactly what it sounds like—hiring your IT employees to manage your entire technology setup. This means you’ll need to find the right people, train them, and pay full-time wages for their services.

On the other hand, outsourcing your IT needs might be a better option for a small business. Outsourcing refers to hiring an outside expert IT firm to manage your technology for you, which comes with its own set of advantages.

The Benefits/Disadvantages of Outsourced IT Support for Small Businesses

Hiring an in-house IT team may not be feasible for most small businesses due to budget constraints. But when businesses turn to outsourcing, there are things to keep in mind that many may see as disadvantages:

  • Initial cost can seem pricier than hiring in-house: This is seen as a disadvantage although the long-term commitment is ultimately lower than in-house solutions.
  • Being at the mercy of the provider’s schedule: You’re entrusting the IT services to a reliable third-party provider that can be slow or unresponsive at times. This is why doing your research on your IT provider’s response time is imperative.

But the pros greatly outweigh the cons—online tech support providers can offer additional services that would otherwise be well outside the small business budget:

  • IT Consulting
  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Network Management & Monitoring

These are just some of the services you can expect from an IT support provider. By outsourcing your IT needs to a company like Simple Systems, you’ll have access to experienced professionals who can manage and maintain all aspects of your technology plus so much more.

What Are the IT Support Services You Can Expect from Simple Systems?

At Simple Systems, we provide a wide range of IT support services for small businesses that exceed the scope of regular tasks. While we troubleshoot technical issues, provide on-site support if needed, and customer service by phone or email, we also provide specialized services such as the following:

  • Microsoft Solutions: Our IT support experts are fully trained in all things Microsoft with everything from custom solutions to fit your specific business needs to Office 365 to Azure cloud migration.
  • Network Management: Having a reliable network is essential for any small business. Our team is capable of troubleshooting, managing, and maintaining networks as well as providing proactive monitoring services to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Cloud Services: We provide a variety of cloud-based solutions for small businesses so that your data is always safe and secure. We can help you migrate to the cloud, configure services, and provide ongoing support.
  • Cybersecurity: Security is always top of mind, and our IT support team can help you protect your business data with the latest cybersecurity tools.
  • Wireless Network Solutions: We provide secure and reliable wireless network solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Service-Level Agreements: We offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to provide you with the highest quality of service possible. With our SLAs, you can rest assured knowing that your IT needs are being taken care of and monitored 24/7.

With Simple Systems, you can be sure to take advantage of the latest technologies without worrying about cost or complexity. With our wide array of IT support services and experienced technicians available 24/7, your business is in good hands. Contact us today to maximize your IT potential!