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The Truth Behind Ignoring a Software Update

Woman in hijab performing software update on laptop at desk

Let’s be honest—when most of us see that little notification about needing an update on our computer, we ignore it. It can be annoying to wait for the installation to be completed, and then completely restart your computer for the update to finish. It takes up so much time! What does it even do? Well, […]

How to Teach Your Employees About Cybersecurity

Someone doing cybersecurity awareness training, directing people on computers

Nothing is worse than knowing that you were the cause of a cyber attack against your company—attacks like these can lead to huge data loss and security breaches, as well as a negative impact on the morale of your team.  However, without the proper cyber security awareness training, it can be hard to know exactly […]

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Purchase Used Computers

Employee using a used computer while working

For many small business owners, looking for ways to save money and cut down on operating costs is crucial to stay afloat. But technology is an expensive and mandatory investment. While purchasing new computing equipment is usually the norm, you may not realize that used computers may be the better option for your company. It’s […]

Should You Handle the Cloud on Your Own?

Cloud symbol on a wooden box symbolizing cloud managed services

As of June 2023, 94% of businesses use cloud services—but not all of them are using these services effectively. Understanding the many aspects of the cloud can help your business use this important tool effectively, and also determine if you require extra support through cloud managed services. We’ve gathered some great points to consider as […]

Is On-site or Cloud Backup for Small Businesses Better?

Employee using office computer waiting on the cloud backup for small business loading screen

The big fish in the tech industry have access to advanced data storage and security solutions, but what about small businesses?  Many small business owners feel overwhelmed when trying to decide between on-site and cloud backup for their company. And with data security becoming more and more important, it’s no wonder why. Businesses face pressure […]

Your Guide to Understanding ITAR Compliance

ITAR regulations compliance folder among other folders

Developing a comprehensive understanding of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) can be the difference between keeping compliance and facing hefty penalties. When your business deals with the manufacture, export, or brokering of ITAR-controlled items, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what is expected from you and your company. The last thing […]

Why You Should Let an MSP Manage Your Business Network Security

Managed service providers managing business network security in a data center

In the current digital landscape, the bedrock of a business’s operations lies within its network infrastructure. A resilient network not only facilitates seamless communication and data flow but also serves as a linchpin for innovation and growth.  However, as cyber threats continue to escalate in complexity and sophistication, businesses are struggling to safeguard their network. […]

Are You Struggling with Password Hygiene? You Need Passkeys

Person holding up a piece of paper that has the password of account written on it

Cybercriminals can hack a weak password in a matter of minutes so how can you make sure yours isn’t the next? Without proper upkeep, you’re in the danger zone of lost data and identity theft—a cybersecurity nightmare.  According to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 55% of IT specialists and individuals would prefer protecting […]

How to Create a Successful VoIP System for Your Small Business

A headset on top of a laptop representing a small business VoIP system

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become an increasingly popular choice among small businesses due to its low cost and ease of use. Compared to traditional landline phone systems, VoIP is unbeatable. In fact, businesses back this sentiment: 69% of companies used VoIP in 2019, and 31% claimed to use it due to productivity gains. […]

Top 5 Data Compliance Regulations You Should Know About

Scrabble letters that spell out "privacy policy"

As more organizations move their services online, the information of their customers and employees becomes more vulnerable to data breaches. To ensure security and transparency, organizations and government entities all over the world have created laws and regulations surrounding data protection. Without it, cybercriminals would have a field day accessing and exploiting sensitive data. Because […]