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What Is IT Support for Small Businesses?

Employees from a small business collaborating on a project

When running a successful small business, having access to reliable and quality IT support is just the start. However, small business owners will often attempt to manage IT on their own while only 37% will outsource IT. Without the proper support and expertise, businesses can become overwhelmed and leave their systems vulnerable to cyber attacks […]

IT Outsourcing: Here’s How Your Utah Small Business Can Afford IT

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For small businesses, it’s often not feasible to have an in-house IT department. Managing the technology for your business can be complicated and requires qualified professionals who understand security risks and how to protect against them.  Unfortunately, having an unqualified person managing your business’s IT poses a serious threat that could lead to disastrous consequences. […]

6 Ways Cloud Services for Small Businesses Improves Your Communication and Collaboration

woman working at office using cloud services for small businesses

Cloud technology is revolutionizing how small businesses can stay competitive in the modern marketplace. With 75% of SMBs reporting they could not continue operating if they were hit with ransomware, it’s no wonder reliable cybersecurity has become more than a suggestion. However, security is often brushed aside. Fortunately, the cloud can provide security and a […]

Is Your Technology Driving You Insane? Get the Help You Need with Small Business Computer Support

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As a result of the pandemic, work from home rose from 4.7% to 61% and technology use increased. Even after the pandemic, many employees still prefer to work from home, and businesses changed the way they interacted with technology.  Technology is the key to providing your business with the tools it needs to thrive and […]

It’s Time to Update Your IT Approach: Reactive vs Proactive IT

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Imagine you’re the head of a large business, and your systems have just been hit with a data breach. You now have to scramble to respond: patch up holes, identify the source of the breach, secure data, and deal with the potential fallout from customers whose data may be compromised. Reactive vs proactive IT: which […]

5 Reasons Co-Managed IT Might Be the Right Fit for Your Utah Business

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A typical work day for you may be a blur—you’re running around the office, trying to manage projects, troubleshoot technical problems, and meet deadlines all at once. But no matter how hard you try, it’s tough for one person (or a small team) to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape and respond quickly to […]

The Real Cost of Outsourced IT Support and IT Services

Couple budgeting for outsourced IT support

Common mistakes companies make when budgeting for their IT support services is failing to account for the cost of in-house staff. What many companies don’t realize is that an in-house IT department is more expensive than they realize—the costs of hiring, training, and managing add up exponentially, which doesn’t even account for the time spent […]

Top 4 Co-Managed IT Myths

Top Misconceptions for co-managed IT

As a business owner, you may feel that you need to choose between relying on your in-house IT staff or outsourcing technology management to an IT service provider. There is, however, a third option: co-managed IT. This approach combines the advantages and convenience of in-house IT with competent, specialized support from outsourced specialists.  It’s a […]

Does Your Business Need Co-Managed IT?

better together - co-managed IT

When it comes to managing your business’s IT infrastructure, there are several options available. One is fully managed IT, where an IT service provider takes care of all aspects of your IT needs, from monitoring and maintenance to troubleshooting and problem resolution. Another option is co-managed IT. Co-managed IT provides supplemental support to your internal […]

Embracing Virtual Desktops Can Save Your Utah Business Money—Here’s How

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As companies continue to offer remote work opportunities, businesses everywhere are embracing virtual desktops. According to GlobeNewswire, the “Global Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Market size & share revenue is expected to grow from USD 12.65 Billion in 2020 to USD 33.42 Billion by 2028.” With virtual desktops becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder why businesses in […]