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4 Advantages of Professional IT Support Services for Small Businesses in Utah

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There’s no doubt that running a small business in Utah is hard work, especially as the founder or CEO. You’re wearing lots of different hats and let’s be honest, you’re probably not an expert in everything. So why would you try to tackle your business’ IT needs on your own? Hiring a professional IT support […]

5 Ways a Managed IT Support Company Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line

male IT professional reviewing server performance in server room

Your bottom line: the magic number that determines whether your business is thriving or just surviving. Everything you do as a small to medium-sized business owner revolves around increasing your revenue so you can better serve your customers, provide for your employees (and yourself), and continue to grow your company. Technology costs can definitely cut […]

Cybersecurity in the New Remote & Hybrid Workforce Environment

A mother working from home with a baby on her lap

The COVID-19 pandemic has forcibly changed the way us Utahns do business. With many workers having been required to work from home for a year or more, traditional work behaviors have now changed and many Utah businesses are giving their employees the option to work from home exclusively or present them with a hybrid option […]

5 Big Ways Managed Services Can Help Small Businesses

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Small businesses often encounter unique IT needs, as they often lack the resources of larger companies. This can be especially challenging when it comes to managing IT infrastructure and ensuring that data is properly backed up and secured. In 2021, $100,000 was the average cost company’s paid for ransomware attacks. Due to the progress of […]

Best Business Password Management Practices in 2022

a list of login passwords with unsecure ones and secure ones

Many companies continue to struggle with the same old problem that’s been ailing businesses and users for years: keeping passwords safe and secure. Despite all the advances in cybersecurity technology, passwords remain a weakness in corporate networks. Users often have trouble coming up with passwords that are both strong and easy to remember. They also […]

Why Your Current IT Company Might Be Your Biggest CMMC Compliance Liability

Do you know what CMMC is? If not, you’re not alone. CMMC is a relatively new term in the world of cyber security, and it stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. This certification was created by the United States Department of Defense to ensure that all companies in the highly targeted DoD supply chain meet […]