5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Purchase Used Computers

Employee using a used computer while working

For many small business owners, looking for ways to save money and cut down on operating costs is crucial to stay afloat. But technology is an expensive and mandatory investment. While purchasing new computing equipment is usually the norm, you may not realize that used computers may be the better option for your company.

It’s not too good to be true. Used computers can offer substantial advantages that make them a smart choice for your small business. But first, let’s debunk the myths.

Common Myths About Used Computers

There are a few myths that surround used computers you’ve most likely heard before:

  • They are unreliable
  • They lack warranty or support options
  • They have drastically shortened lifespans
  • They have limited performance capabilities
  • They are obsolete and cannot run modern software
  • They are more susceptible to viruses and malware

These claims often deter businesses from considering used computers as a viable option. However, many reputable sellers and refurbishers put used computers through rigorous testing and refurbishment processes to ensure they meet specific reliability and performance standards.  

5 Reasons You Need Used Computers

Here are five reasons why used computers could be a practical choice for your business.

1. Cost Savings

The most obvious advantage of purchasing used computers is the substantial cost savings over buying new computers. Investing in used equipment can help you lower your operating costs. Finding ways to save help you allocate your resources and funds elsewhere that could have a major impact on your business’s bottom line.

For example, brand new computers can range from $600 to $1000 whereas used computers can be bought for much cheaper. If you do your research thoroughly, you can also find even better deals on used computers, depending on the specs and components of the machine.

2. Environmental Sustainability

Being environmentally conscious has become increasingly important in the modern world. Investing in used computers represents a small but meaningful step in this direction. By prolonging the life cycle of electronic devices, you actively contribute to reducing the production and release of new machines, which often contain environmentally harmful components.

Choosing to buy these computers can have a positive impact on your carbon footprint and shows customers that your business is taking green initiatives seriously.

3. Reduced Depreciation

When you invest in computers that have been used, you can take advantage of the reduced depreciation rate compared to their brand-new counterparts.

The rapid depreciation of new computers has been studied for years. While it may not be a topic businesses prefer to dwell on, understanding how quickly they lose value will help businesses make strategic decisions when it comes to budgeting.

4. Fully Tested and Functional

When buying these computers from reliable sources, they have undergone rigorous testing and refurbishment processes. These processes guarantee that the equipment is in working condition with minimal hardware or software issues.

The process they undergo can look like the following:

  • Quality assurance evaluations and tests
  • Diagnosis and testing of hardware components
  • Incoming inspection to check for any physical damage
  • Refurbishing with replacement components as necessary
  • Software installations like the operating system, security solutions, and office applications

5. Quality Components at a Lower Price

Used computers often feature high-quality components at a fraction of the price of brand-new ones. The common misconception that buying a used computer means you are compromising on quality and longevity of the device is untrue.

When properly tested and refurbished, these computers can offer top-tier components that boost their performance levels and increase their longevity.

Get the Technology You Need with Simple Systems

At Simple Systems, we understand the struggle of finding reliable used computers that don’t require a long-term commitment. That’s why we source top-value used computers, undergo comprehensive refurbishment, ensure they run the latest Windows and Linux operating systems, and offer them to you at an exceptional price.

We take pride in expanding the longevity of your products. Contact us today to experience it for yourself!