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Top 5 Small Business Excuses for not Implementing a Cybersecurity Plan

A hacker up to no good

Cyber Security is currently the biggest elephant in the room.  It’s the one everyone knows about, even talks about, but generally believe won’t sit on them.  In my experience companies believe that they are immune to most of the serious breaches because, “We’re too small of a company to be a target.”, “We have a […]

Advantages of Using a Cloud-Based Communication System

VoIP Phone

There are many advantages to using a VOIP phone system on the cloud versus traditional telephone service or using an onsite traditional or VOIP phone system. Whether you are seeking a hosted VoIP system, a Unified Communications (UC) solution, or a team collaboration software or app, today’s cloud technologies offer big advantages to today’s businesses. […]

What Is the Cloud?

Picture of cloud servers

What is the cloud? Great question! Well, most people think of it just as that, an amorphous collection of data on the internet running things.  They might think, “Oh, my data is stored in the cloud.” The key thing to realize is that saying something is in the cloud is just saying, “It’s on a computer somewhere […]