6 Ways Cloud Services for Small Businesses Improves Your Communication and Collaboration

woman working at office using cloud services for small businesses

Cloud technology is revolutionizing how small businesses can stay competitive in the modern marketplace. With 75% of SMBs reporting they could not continue operating if they were hit with ransomware, it’s no wonder reliable cybersecurity has become more than a suggestion. However, security is often brushed aside.

Fortunately, the cloud can provide security and a safety net for businesses to avoid data breaches. And, the benefits extend beyond the scope of security. In fact, here are six ways cloud services for small businesses can help:

1. Work Remotely from Anywhere

Since the pandemic, remote work has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. Employees started to seek the benefits of no commutes, more flexible work hours, and better work-life balance. Cloud technology enables businesses to transition seamlessly into remote work without compromising the quality of their output.

With this freedom, small businesses are no longer confined to their office space and can streamline their operations from any location. If you’re ready to make that transition, you can feel at ease knowing it’ll be as smooth as possible with cloud service providers such as Simple Systems.

2. Real-Time Collaboration

Any business owner will agree that communication within an organization is the golden ticket to a successful operation. Cloud services for small businesses give teams access to real-time collaboration on documents and projects. Everyone can work together in one place without anything getting lost in translation.

Every change made to a document is tracked and recorded—with features like chat bubbles, employees can stay in the loop on any updates or changes instantaneously without having to send emails back and forth.

3. Keep Your Data Secure

Unfortunately, small businesses are often the target of cyber criminals looking for some easy money. The outcome can be irreparable with 60% of SMBs shutting down 6 months after a data breach.

If there was a way to prevent this from happening to your business, wouldn’t you take it? From documents to customer data, you can keep all your data stored securely in the cloud. 

The best part about cloud services for small businesses is that the cloud experiences continuous backups. If anything ever happens to your hardware, you can rest assured knowing your business-critical information is safe and sound—away from the greedy hands of cybercriminals.

4. The Cloud Decentralizes Small Businesses

Instead of hiring people from one area only, small businesses can access talent from anywhere in the world with cloud services. Cloud services for small businesses can give you a competitive edge over other companies by being able to select the best-suited candidates for the job regardless of location.

Cloud storage has gained popularity due to the remarkable advantages it offers for remote workers. Unlike typical on-site storage centers where data is managed by one entity, the cloud leverages a network of computers on a peer-to-peer basis for both storing and managing information.

5. Cloud Technology Is Reliable

Technology can often seem as reliable as a house of cards. One wrong move and everything comes tumbling down, which can cost businesses both time and money.

Cloud technology is designed to be reliable and accessible anytime, anywhere. 

If a server goes down or you need to access data while out of the office, all your information is stored safely in the cloud so employees can always stay on top of their tasks.

6. Boosts Productivity and Communication

Cloud services for small businesses offer several tools that can both improve communication and boost productivity for your team. These tools include the following:

  • Built-in video conferencing tools
  • Chat features on documents
  • Automation of certain processes and tasks.

These features make communication easier, more efficient, and faster for your team—allowing teams to be as productive as possible while maintaining quality.

Foster Collaboration and Communication with Simple Systems

Cloud services for small businesses offer several advantages that can help any company boost its operations, but finding the right service provider can make or break your experience. 

Simple Systems is a reliable platform that provides end-to-end cloud solutions tailored specifically for SMBs. Never worry about handling data security on your own, and experience how the cloud enhances collaboration and communication.

Contact Simple Systems today to stay connected, productive, and secure in the cloud.