Advantages of Using a Cloud-Based Communication System

VoIP Phone

There are many advantages to using a VOIP phone system on the cloud versus traditional telephone service or using an onsite traditional or VOIP phone system. Whether you are seeking a hosted VoIP system, a Unified Communications (UC) solution, or a team collaboration software or app, today’s cloud technologies offer big advantages to today’s businesses.

Here are the top reasons to make the switch to a cloud-based system:

  • Security – encryption methods, cloud security, protected file transfer, and more measures for safe connections. It’s important to be aware of any potential security risks ahead of time and know how you can prevent them. Phishing, fraud, intercepted calls, spoofing and more are all typical security threats but can be easily prevented with the right security in place. Choosing a cloud solution gives you and your business more security than a traditional phone system can. Cloud phone services utilize several security measures like data encryption, network security, secure voice and video, HIPAA-compliance measures, and more are put in place so that users and their data are kept safe. Additionally, cloud communications host all their servers and associated equipment in secure facilities behind lock and key.
  • Reliability – Your phones are not tied down to the connectivity of one office or location.  You can access the system anywhere you have internet just like you were at the office.  Down time is significantly reduced
  • Mobility/Geographical Flexibility– Employees can work from anywhere when your office phone system is virtual. You can have employees working from home, other offices, mobile phones, and even overseas.
  • Scalability– A hosted system can be adjusted in size, scope, and toolset often with the click of a button.  Lines can be changed, moved, added, or removed in most cases by someone without specific expertise.  These systems will grow with your business.
  • InitialCostSavings– Phones run in the cloud, rarely have a large upfront cost or any upfront cost.  This compared to a local system which is often a large expense on the outset.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings– Usually, a hosted system is significantly more cost-effective over the long run than a traditional phones. Through service calls, system changes, and time savings through reduced downtime.
  • Data Driven– Everything is tracked.  Most of the time calls are automatically recorded, call times are logged, call rates, missed calls, time spent in the phone tree, and much more are logged.  A lot of efficiencies can be honed with the data presented by these systems.
  • LocalPresence– Satellite offices can share a central office number with the home office.  Or the Hong Kong office can call to Salt Lake City, with an 801-area code.  
  • Credibility– Let’s face it presentation matters.  Having an automated phone system with directory dialing and more without an enterprise phone system will make a good impression on prospective and current clients. 
  • QuickSetup– In a pinch a simple hosted system can be setup in 30 minutes or less. 
  • Ease of Use– Cloud based communication systems open options for centralized management from in a user-friendly control panel.  Anyone in the office can manage the entire system, and users can easily adjust their setup to their specific needs.

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