Why You Shouldn’t Bake Your Own IT

Picture of a question mark in a brain

Allow me to tell you a story.  My brother was married at the beginning of this month.  Of course, they wanted to celebrate with a cake.  By raise of hands, who thinks they made their own wedding cake?  

I think we’re all on the same page here.  For something this important, they weren’t going to do it themselves.  What about a Costco cake? I mean, those things are delicious.  You’re right, though, a Costco cake doesn’t cut it for an event as important as a wedding.  

I can see that you’re on the edge of your seat—I’ll get right to it.  The happy couple went to a professional baker.  Not only  did they choose an expert cake maker, but they chose one who has been making wedding cakes for over 30 years.  

Why do you think they did that?  This bakery has the same tools and ingredients that you, I, or Costco has access to.  They knew that the things that set the professional baker apart aren’t available to be purchased in your local grocery store, no matter how large or upscale it is.  

Experience, passion, and training, don’t come easily, can’t be purchased in an afternoon, and take years to perfect.  It takes an exceptional person to become a master in accounting, law, dentistry  baking, or any industry.  

Does your baker have experience working with clients like you? Have they done many weddings before? Do they meet deadlines and exceed expectations? All the little things matter when it comes to producing that special cake.

How does all this relate to IT strategy?  

The DIY Mentality

Anyone can, technically, bake a cake.  You go to the store, buy each individual ingredient, follow a recipe, put it in the oven, and voila! You have a cake.  IT is similar. You can get all the ingredients you need on your own. You’ll need antivirus, management tools, backups, regulation compliance software, security, and the list goes on.  However, those are just the ingredients. 

To create a truly secure and successful IT strategy, you must also know how to put them together. Much like how they come together with our Managed IT Services. Unlike baking a cake, IT isn’t a one and done. You must keep it up to date, monitor it, and make sure it’s all working as it should.  It’s okay if you make a bad cake—you can start from scratch and make a great replacement. Having a bad IT strategy, or a good one that isn’t maintained, can be catastrophic for your business.

The One Size Fits All Mentality

You can walk into almost any grocery store and find a pre-made cake. Will it be exactly what you’re looking for?  Probably not. Even if you make a custom order, it’s still not spectacular.  Sizes, flavors, and options are all limited.  

Just like this kind of cake, there are “one size fits all” IT support options out there. They can even be customized to an extent, but will they do everything you need?  Each business has unique needs, current and future.  Every business has different goals to reach.  Never mind that many industries have compliance standards that they need to adhere to in order to avoid costly fees, litigation, and even potential business closure.

The Bespoke Mentality

When you walk into a bakery owned by a passionate baker with staff equally dedicated to excellence, you can feel the difference. They’ve selected each ingredient after extensive trial and error, they’ve perfected the experience and the result, and they’ve dealt with every potential pitfall in their baking process. You will get the exact cake you need, the right flavor, and size, and your dietary restrictions will be met. Your baker has taken the time to know your needs and your cake goals, and they have a wealth of knowledge about baking.  

This is the kind of experience you can expect when you work with Simple Systems. We take the worry out of your IT.  You’ll have the sweet satisfaction of knowing everything is being watched over by experts, with the right tools and equipment.

We will help your business function today, and we will work with you to plan for tomorrow.  We are the bakers of your cake.  Contact us today.  We promise you’ll love how it tastes!

We are the custom IT solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us today. We promise you’ll love the end result!