5 Big Ways Managed Services Can Help Small Businesses

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Small businesses often encounter unique IT needs, as they often lack the resources of larger companies. This can be especially challenging when it comes to managing IT infrastructure and ensuring that data is properly backed up and secured. In 2021, $100,000 was the average cost company’s paid for ransomware attacks. Due to the progress of technology, there are a lot more resources available today in regards to small business IT support services. These resources include ways for small businesses to get quality help from IT companies on a friendlier budget.

We’ll look at ways that small business IT support services have been enhanced over the years to escalate those companies.

Managed Services Resources Available for SMBs

Today there are a lot more resources available to small businesses in regards to IT support services. This is thanks to the progress of technology and the availability of quality that works better with the consolidated budget set aside for IT.

The following is a list of five big ways that small business IT support services can help those businesses:

1. Enterprise-Level Solutions That SMBs Can’t Afford on Their Own

One of the best things about outsourced IT services is that they offer enterprise-level solutions at a fraction of the cost. SMBs can’t always afford to hire their own in-house IT staff for every required task, so managed services are a great way to get top-quality support without breaking the bank.

2. Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Small businesses are often seen as easier targets for cybercriminals because they typically have less robust security in place than larger businesses. This can leave small businesses vulnerable to ransomware attacks, data theft, and other online threats.

Data breaches have affected 63% of small businesses within the last 18 months. One of the best ways to protect your small business from cybercrime is to invest in managed security services. These services provide comprehensive security solutions that are designed to keep your data safe and secure.

3. Managing Costs

Small business IT support services offer a fixed monthly rate plan that allows you to get all the service you need. This means that you can budget for your IT services easily and know exactly what you’re paying for each month.

This also eliminates the need to worry about unexpected IT expenses, which can often be a burden for small businesses. With pay/fix model IT companies, you can end up spending more when you’re having a lot of system issues.

4. Scalability

One of the great benefits of using an IT service is the option for scalability. This means that you can add or subtract services as needed, and you only pay for the services you actually use. It makes outsourcing an ideal solution for small businesses, as they can get the same level of service as large businesses without overspending.

5. Tailored IT services

Small businesses can often find it difficult to manage their IT needs, as they lack the resources of larger companies. Having the ability to tailor your IT services to meet your company’s size and specific needs allows you to get the most out of the service without paying for things you don’t need.

Improve Productivity with IT Solutions

Small businesses can improve their productivity by investing in managed IT services. These small businesses IT support services offer a wide range of features that help businesses run more efficiently, including comprehensive cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, and scalability.

In addition to improving productivity, small business IT support services also provide peace of mind by keeping your data safe and secure. Contact Simple Systems today and let us help make your small business more efficient!