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10 Password Security Statistics That you Need to See Now


These 10 Password Security Statistics Prove That Your “Password Protected” Data Isn’t Safe. Even as cybersecurity threats have grown and evolved, many businesses haven’t evolved their strategies for keeping their systems and data safe. Companies are still relying on passwords alone to be an effective security measure – and that is a mistake that could […]

10 Facts About Cybersecurity Disasters in 2020

Get the facts about cybersecurity disasters in 2020 to protect your business Emergency preparedness is essential for smooth emergency response – and the faster you respond to an emergency, the better. As you’re reviewing the other disaster preparedness plans in your life, it’s time to make sure that you’ve got the facts about cybersecurity disasters […]

Security Awareness Training Works- If You Maintain It.

security awareness

This year’s theme for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart,” encouraging individuals and organizations to “own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace.” That’s good advice at any time, but especially now. In a year full of bad news around cybersecurity, there’s one very bright spot – security awareness training works […]


We’ve all heard the horror movie trope, “The call is coming from inside the house!”. While that may be a tool to build suspense in the movies, it’s more accurate than you think for business cybersecurity. The biggest threats to cybersecurity in your business aren’t faceless internet hackers. They’re the people that are already inside […]

Data Loss Prevention is Essential as more Regulations and Fines Add Big Costs to a Data Breach

Data loss

Globally, about 30% of companies are expected to suffer at least one data breach this year – and that’s a conservative estimate. Dramatically increased Dark Web activity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic combined with a challenging economy means that even cybercriminals are going to have to work a little bit harder to turn […]

Why Phishing Resistance Training for Students is a Must-Have for Businesses.

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WHY PHISHING RESISTANCE TRAINING FOR STUDENTS IS A MUST-HAVE FOR BUSINESSES Phishing resistance training for students is a business problem too – because one bad click could open a gateway for cybercriminals into business data and systems. It’s back to school time for students around the globe. Considering the dismal state of cybersecurity education in […]